Membership Database
Instructions for using the Beacon system

Click on the three links below to access the system

Membership Portal This is the link to view and amend your personal details. You do not need a password but will need the presonal details you submitted at the last enrolment. You will also need your membership number, which should have been emailed to you.

Groups available This is the link to see the list of classes
Calendar This is the link to see the dates for any of the classes
Beacon Logon For Tutors and other members with individual passwords:

If you have a problem logging on please email either the membership secretary:
or the website manager:

Instructions for Tutors

Craven U3A has adopted a web-based membership database called "Beacon". This has been developed by the Third Age Trust (TAT) for use by U3As in the UK.
This database is centrally supported and resilient and uses state of the art database software, so Craven U3A Committee believe this is a good long term solution to keeping membership records.

This database is in an early stage of development and does not yet do all we would like it to.

The current priority is to get all the U3As who want the sytem on line. After that the system will be enhanced in line with the needs of the majority of users.

However Craven U3A operates in a different way to most other U3As, so as this system matures we may find that we will have to change the way we operate. E.g. the system does not yet produce the membership cards we are accustomed to. So we will have to improvise some services.

Craven U3A Beacon Membership Database