Group Leader Forms



The Venue
Safety Checklist
(MARCH 2019)
Venue Safety checklist - Down load here
This  form must be completed at the start of the year and returned to the U3A Venues Secretary
It must be completed by  the Group Leader or the task delegated to a course member before the course commences.
If the Group Leader has any reservations regarding the meaning of the form or the condition of the venue then help will be given. from the U3A committee. The first port of call is the U3A venues secretary.There is also a designated committee member who can help with safety issues..

Workshop Risk assessment checklist - alternative checklist for classes based in workshops using machinery or power tools

. This is a blank sheet which you may find useful as a template for keeping attendance records: Click to download:        Word        PDF



The documents listed here are all Microsoft word or pdfs and on clicking will load into a new window

2019-20 COURSE DETAILS FORM - This is the form to be completed each year, The details it contains will be printed in the  course programme and on the web site. After completion, attach and email to the Programme Secretary: or post the hard copy. There are three file alternatives of the form, to suit your preference.


Course Details Form for Leaders for printing and posting (pdf)

FILLING OUT ON YOUR DEVICE  and returning by email, please use either of the following:-

Course Details Form for Leaders for emailing  (word.doc) (Suitable for  Microsoft Word on your PC or Mac)

Course Details Form for Leaders for emailing (pdf)  (Suitable for  iPad/iPhone or Android Phones/Tablets)


Course Open Event Form for printing and posting
Course Open Event Form for emailing (word doc)


These are the latest forms  (03 April 2019)