Tutors - Forms

The documents listed here are all Microsoft word or pdfs and on clicking will load into a new window

2018-9 Course description form - this is the form to be completed each year with details to go in the course programme and on the web site. The preferred option is to download the Word version, complete this and email it to the Programme Secretary:   progsec@cravenu3a.org.uk

Click to download:         Word        PDF     Updated March 2018

Please complete and return this form by 1st May 2018

Incident Report Form

Venue Risk assessment checklist - This should be completed at the start of the year and returned to the Tutor Representative

Workshop Risk assessment checklist - alternative checklist for classes based in workshops using machinery or power tools.


Class attendance record sheet. This is a blank sheet which you may find useful as a template for keeping attendance records:

Click to download:        Word        PDF