Class Schedules for the week for 2017 - 2018

Colour Code:  Autumn   Spring   Two terms

Birdwatching  Art & ArchitectureAerobic WorkoutCalligraphy Ballet DVDs
Racketball 1Discussion Group  Art - History Of Economics Crown Green Bowls 1
Racketball 2German Continuing Art – Multi MediaEuropean History French Advanced
Social History of Skipton Homes fit for Heroes Geography ForumHand Knitting  Keep Going
Stretching and YogaMusic for Pleasure  Naturalists World View Walking GroupMusicals
Science&Technology Saga & WagnerWalk to LunchRailway Study Group 
 Walking Group Watercolour Progress  
   Stories of Scientists    
Italian Continuation Films ExtraArt – Multi Media Bridge – Play Crown Green Bowls 2
Raikeswood Camp Films Italian,Japanese,Swedish Italian Beginners Internet and You Film International
Recorder Ensemble French ContinuingOrchestral Playing Mah-Jong  Planetary Geology
Recorders ContinuersPopular Music Patchwork & Quilting Politics Table Tennis
Ten Pin Bowling  History as FictionReading Group 1 Wine Tasting  
Woodturning 1 ScrabbleReading Group 2   
 Spanish Level 1Recorder Beginners   
  Spanish Level 2  Watercolour, leisure
  Woodturning 2