Craven U3A Magazine
The Editor welcomes articles relating to U3A groups,activities, visits, personal recollections, poems, or anything that may be of interest to Craven U3A members.

Accompanying coloured images will appear black & white when printed.
Articles appear in the magazine at the Editor's discretion, and may be edited before publication

Submitted material is preferred in the form of an email, containing plain text or with attached documents and images.

 Emails should be sent to, and their receipt will be acknowledged.

The Craven U3A Magazine is published twice a year and articles are always needed

The copy deadline for the next edition is
14th June

Past Editions

Spring 2013 Issue No 54
Summer 2013 Issue No 55
Winter Feb 2014 Issue No 56
Summer July 2014 Issue No 57
Spring March 2015 Issue No 58
Summer July 2015 Issue No 59
Winter February 2016 issue No 60
Summer August 2016 Issue No 61
Spring February 2017  Issue No 62
Summer August 2017 Issue 63
Spring  February 2018 Issue64.pdf
Summer August 2018 Issue 65



Editor Roger French
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