Derek Clabburn

A two term study of the histories of POLAND in the Autumn term of 2017; of BOHEMIA (modern day Czech Republic) in the Spring term of 2018.  If there is sufficient time, a brief examination of the history of Hungary will be undertaken.

POLAND: we start at the end of the Jagiellonian dynasty, examine the Polish/Lithuanian Commonwealth from c1600 until the partitioning of Poland by 1795 between Russia, Prussia and Austria, and the loss of Polish identity.  The struggles in the three separate Polish entities between 1795-1919; the flourishing of a national identity between 1919-1939; the Holocaust (1940-45).  The brief interlude from 1945-48 until the Communist take-over.  Impoverishment and the breakdown of social order - the unifying influence of the Catholic Church - Pope John Paul II, the rise of Solidarity and the emergence of a non-Communist independent Poland from 1986-2000.

BOHEMIA: we start from the 17th century, through to the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1919 and the emergence of Czechoslovakia, the flowering of the Viennese/ Bohemian/Hungarian music school and the emergence after 1919 of a Czech school of composers and writers.  The Nazi invasion and its impact and the Communist take-over after 1945.  Finally the 'Velvet Revolution' that saw an end to Communist rule and the fragmentation of the former Czechoslovakia into the Czech and Slovak republics.

Bring to the course an openness of mind, a questioning attitude and hopefully we shall enjoy ourselves!


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HISTORY (EUROPEAN): The Scandinavian World

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