Group Leaders
Maggie Cannon and Graham Cannon

01282 867856

The group is made up of singers, musicians and singing musicians. We are NOT a choir, therefore there is no instruction given, although new songs are introduced.  We have a repertoire of about 200 songs.

Musicians – must provide their own instruments. Last year there were guitars, an electric guitar, flute, clarinet, keyboard and ukulele: we welcome all sorts!  Some percussion instruments for anyone to have a go are provided. Occasionally musicians play a tune for us to listen or dance to, but mainly they play the tunes to accompany the singing. A great way to play your instruments with others, all abilities are invited. Songs – a programme is sent out by email prior to each session.  Songs with chords are projected onto the wall for all to see. 

We cover a wide variety of genres – from 1920s to 1970s to almost the present day. We include skiffle, folk, jazz, pop, blues, country etc. something for everyone. Sometimes we have themed sessions or half sessions: Scottish, Irish, water music, happy songs, members requests and others.

It is a very relaxed group and no pressure, but if you would like to lead a session, half session or a song, there is opportunity for you to do this. Come along and give us a try!




Music for Fun
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Tuesday 1030 - 1230
Trinity Methodi
st Hall
Maximum No 40
Autumn and Spring
9th October - 11th December 2018
8th January - 16th April